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What’s My Home Worth?



I’m Traci Fowler. I’m a small town girl, raised in La Grande, Oregon and Boise, Idaho back when Boise was small. I grew up making mud pies with my sister, climbing trees, and roller skating while both of our mid-west parents worked.

I joined the Air Force when I was 18 and told Uncle Sam I would go anywhere and do anything.  Uncle Sam sent me to Southern California to be a Weather Observer. Not a bad gig if you can get it. I got married, went to school, had three children, and raised them all over the U.S. My oilman husband and I moved to Texas from Alaska in 2012 and settled in Spring-Klein. Of all the places we’ve lived, Texas is home.

I have always worked, even when I didn’t have to – it’s in my DNA to have something to give back and to serve. When the kids were little, I worked in retail banking, originally as a teller but working my way up to account management and lending. I loved being on the front line with the community before smart phones and mobile banking took over the industry.

In later years, I worked as an Executive Assistant on Wall Street in Manhattan and watched the towers fall from the trading floor of my investment bank. I raised a Marine and sheriff’s deputy, a park ranger and a future Oceanographer. Since moving to Texas and ushering two of the three kids into adulthood, I fulfilled my dream of helping families buy and sell their dreams homes.

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